In 2013, I took some interesting photos with a few different cameras. Some of these were photos with friends, some of cosplayers, and some were scenery. Below are my photos from 2013.

Friend at The Park

10.) Man sitting on Bench – This picture of my friend at the park screams out at me. It wants text thrown about it. Imagine it as a book cover, or some sort of poster. Forrest Gump anyone? Why is there no text then? Well… I’d hate to release anything with a picture of a friend on it that might come back to bite me in the butt later.


9.) Train Track by The Graveyard – Maybe I should have gray scaled this and added some fog? Nah. This is a picture of a bridge in my home town that we had to go down in order to find an old cemetery with a lot of history. If you ever have the chance to visit Humble, Tx… and want to go to an area where you might die for multiple reasons, this train track is the place to go. No, seriously. The woods are not just filled with graves from a cemetery, but the homeless who live in them. Did not know how bad it was until the second trip. FYI: never go alone!

cheese cake at Mecha Con 8.) Foam Weapon Bunny – This man has passion in his life, if only for Foam Weapon Battles. As a bunny, it is his duty to advertise this , yes, but he is performing a service. There are so many cheesecake photos of female bunny girls on the internet, isn’t it about time that a man gets on this action? Obviously, this costume blends the uniform of a male Chip and Dale’s dancer, with that of a Playboy Bunny. Truly brilliant.

Usagi boob grab

7.) Usagi’s boob grab – So, this was just a joke picture that I did this week, but you know what? I like it. I did classier photos of my figurine, yes, but this one I really like due to the pose. Out of all of the photos I posted online, it was also the first to get a comment about it. Also, I fully intend to use it next October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. See? Art.
high kicks at Cosplay Day Out6.) High Kicks at Cosplay Day Out! – This one is the closest I’ve come to an action shot this year. I While not as difficult as taking a photo of someone jousting, this was great practice for future shots.

Granny Smith at Brony Fan Fair

5.) Granny Smith at Brony Fan Fair – It is ALWAYS great to see people of different age groups enjoying conventions. This photo of Granny Smith from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is awesome on many levels! No idea if she enjoys the show personally, or was just joining in on the fun while chaperoning… but I know one thing for sure. I. Would. Never. Accuse. Her. Of. Being. A. Fake. Geek. Girl. Can not stress that enough. Well, maybe if it was in italics?

Reily and Morales at Mecha Con

4.) The Scarlet Spider and Ultimate Spider-Man – There was something missing from these two when we saw them at Mecha Con. Me, and my co-convention volunteer from Louisianime were starring hard at these two. WHAT WAS IT?! Then… Suddenly… Brilliance! Hats. We just so happened to have a blue one and a black one… hats, not people. I’m pretty sure that neither gentleman were Smurfs, and if it was Nightcrawler… well, there would be the weirdest bulge in those pants. Anyways, so hats. On Superheroes. It might just be a thing now.

Dugg Finn at Brony Fan Fair

3.) Princess Celestia – It is always a pleasure to shoot Dugg Finn. Great cosplayer, photographer, and person. While this image might not be as great as some of my earlier pics, I do enjoy her dress. Would Princess Celestia have her hand on her hip? I’m not sure. It feels more natural than most posed photos… like a paparazzi photo in Canterlot. I’m sure the royal guards would tackle anyone before they came near The Princess though… but it might be worth the challenge?

Iron Man and American Dream Anime Matsuri

2.) Iron Man and American Dream – Did American Dream get ripped out of the MC2 Universe before popping her helmet? Maybe her cosplayer just wanted to look more attractive? Maybe she didn’t like the costume with the mask on, as she would have to cut a hole in it for the hair to flow. Anyways, Tony Stark next to her looks awesome and battle damaged. What can I say about a drunkard playboy with germ issues?

M1350012 1.)Link, he comes to town -This picture looks great. It doesn’t jump out at me like Iron Man and American Dream due to the colors, and while I could have edited it so they popped… I like taking photos of things that are real. Cosplay is costume play. I feel awkward editing things. Does someone want red glowing eyes? Well… you didn’t wear contacts. I’m sorry that you want me to lie about what happened? I guess I’m not much of an artist in that respect, but when people say ‘pics or it didn’t happen,’ I want them to know that it did, in fact, happen. I kind of got on a tangent there? This photo has great juxtaposition, and I feel that that is important in a shot.


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