The Quick Change

Not every character has to shout a magical word and gain super powers, or inject themselves with a serum that causes a physical metamorphosis. For some people, it’s as simple as quickly ducking into a phone booth, stripping, and changing into their alter ego AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! Now, not everyone is as quick as say… an actress changing between scenes in a play. Some, are filthy cheaters. They will use magical items in order to do this. Now sometimes, a teenager will pull a belt buckle out from his back pocket and gain cloth armor and a motorcycle helmet  that all allow him or her to jump 50 feet in the air, and not be hurt by an explosion a mile away. For others? Well… They get a cute outfit? Maybe some equipment an actual person would use, like a camera or a tennis racket? Below are a few examples of quick changes

Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen

Cutey Honey’s transformations

Zelda – Wind Waker spoiler!

Well… that’s good and all, but didn’t I say that actors did that too, and on stage? Well, no. I said actress, because I was reminded of the early 1900’s french actress Mlle. Fregoli… but yes. Actors and actresses actually do quick changes, and some do it often enough that that is their thing. For more information on this, here is an excellent article containing tons of information on Quick Change Artists:


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