31 days of Rule 63? Uh….

Art by Misaki-chan
Damn I’d make a sexy girl.

Last month was Sailor Moon month. It was hard to deal with, but this month I’ve decided to focus on something a little more flexible: All things gender change related. Rule 63 in depth, cosplayers, pictures from comic books, mentioning websites, reviews, the whole shabang! One post per day about it, with tons of other content as well, so don’t be too worried if this isn’t your cup of tea.

Since I’ve mentioned rule 63 extensively in the past, I had a few images that I’ve posted before that I wished to share with people again, such as the portrait to the left that a friend did of me. So cute. Also, here are some supposed genetic girls crossplaying as Akuma and Shadow Link. The third pic is Loki, but as she appeared when the male god had his gender flipped officially in the comics. Anyways, see you guys here daily!

Was this the technique that Goken didn't approve of?Is it weird that I've played as this character in D&D?Loki63



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