The History of TG on the internet –

ImageWhen I was a lad on the internet, I found that it could be used for many great things. From newsgroups to online roleplaying to short stories to pictures of women with attractive bodies to men with the bodies of attractive women to… wait, where was I? One of the largest resources for information back then was Now, the Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive was founded in 1999 by the webmistress Jenny North. The site itself is well… not exactly suitable for work.

Why is she here? Why indeed.

This is the site where I learned many many things, and it saddens me every day that it hasn’t updated since May of 2002! While this makes the information a bit dated, it is still quite useful.

Mantra, Loki, Ressurection Man, Babewatch, Shade, Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, Darkstalkers, wait… what is fictionmania? ANYWAYS… This site is the rabbit hole, and you’ve got to see how far it goes!

Did you know that Sasquatch of Alpha Flight died and later  possessed a dead female teammate’s body? Or that Gambit’s made his shape shifting best friend become his girl Friday for like… ever? Or that Loki’s been a woman long before he possessed the body intended for Lady Sif? See. there is some good old comic geekery on this site as well!

Thor’s bro is cute

While this site has been up long since it’s last update, I fear one day the knowledge might be lost. It honestly makes me sad to think about. For some, the thought of a man turning into a woman seems dirty, and wrong. For others, however, the idea of exploring the world with a new set of eyes, in someone else’s shoes, wearing someone else’s clothes, just… intrigues them.

That’s no woman, it’s a Mantra baby yeah!

This site really opens people up to many different forms of media that explores this. If you are honestly interested in this genre, and aren’t in it because “Tee Hee, Zelda’s Link would look hot with boobs!,” than you owe it to yourself to stop by this gem from yesteryear while you can.


One thought on “The History of TG on the internet –

  1. I found this in a random google search. I spoke with Jenny North last year about this exact thing. She told me that she is well aware that the site hasn’t been updated in over a decade, but left it up because she believed the content was still good. She is now putting out new stories on Fictionmania.

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