Venus Envy, Erin Lindsey, Penny Arcade, etc.

headerI was originally going to do this post on just the web comic Venus Envy, which is a comic about a transsexual girl named Zoë, who is transitioning through high school. There’s awkward social comedy, drama, soccer balls to the groin, and It’s all done really well. It’s currently been on hiatus for quite a while, so I figured that I should do some extensive research before posting about it… in other words, I Googled, clicked a Facebook link, and scrolled down and watched an interview.

femalegametchWhile watching the interview that was done via Skype, I noticed that Erin is from Seattle, WA. I immediately thought to myself, “Hah! I wonder if she reads Penny Arcade, and if so, Gabe better watch out!” and then I scrolled down some on the Facebook page, only to discover the mention of said event that got Gabe into trouble. Apparently Gabe, who has recently made the New Year’s Resolution to just stop being a bully and honestly mature into the man he has become, apologized back in June and also donated $20,000 to The Trevor Project. I’m not quite sure why stuff like this is never mentioned over and over like what caused him to get into trouble.

Okay, that Tangent is over, I just thought that seeing that on Venus Envy’s Facebook page was over all interesting.

cover1Venus Envy was a comic that I read in the early to mid 2000’s, due to a friend of mine suggesting it. Despite being wary, due to the protagonist’s situation being realistic and not fantasy based i.e. magic hotness boobs omg-ness, I really loved it. How much? To the point where I even bought an issue of it in it’s ‘dead-tree format.’ Not a trade paperback, just the one single issue. That is the kind of impact that the comic had on me. I know that I haven’t gone too much into detail about either Venus Envy or Erin Lindsey. This is due to the fact that it has been so incredibly way too long since I’ve read the comic, which to my knowledge is incredibly safe to read around other people. Oh, and I don’t know much about Erin Lindsey, other than that she is married and that she broke her wrist last year, and that must really really sucked. Anyway, I highly suggest reading Venus Envy, ESPECIALLY if you want to see a mostly realistic portrayal of the genre, and you never know… it might start updating sometime soon-ish.


One thought on “Venus Envy, Erin Lindsey, Penny Arcade, etc.

  1. Not gonna update at all. Erin Lindsey goes by a different moniker and doesn’t touch it anymore. Also makes no mention of it under her new name.

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