I feel like this panel from the comic should be the cover of a informative pamphlet on lesbianism.

While the comic Bridges is not focused primarily on transgendered characters, it does have a main cast that centers around the LBGTS community. It’s about Quinn, a girl in high school who has to deal towards her attraction towards another girl at summer camp named Maddison. Joining them at school is her best friend Harley, the twins Alyson and Andrew, the Asian Gothic bisexual fashion designing transvestite Graev, and his eventual girlfriend Sarah.

This comic was originally written by a 13 year old girl named Kris Justus, and it was honestly one of the first comics the 17 year old me ever got into in 2002. It actually probably was the first. Since that time, some of the original art was revamped, and it went on an almost indefinite hiatus until coming back completely rebooted by the now adult Kris a couple of years ago.

The long running secret from the original comic, whatever it is about whomever it is about, was revealed much much earlier on, to the point that it’s only slightly a spoiler. That said, I just had to delete this sentence, so you can go figure out why this comic is on this list. Go on. You know you want to read it.

See? You thought I was making Graev up, huh? Sarah’s a lucky girl.

Since coming back, Bridges has been excellent. What is the same is great, and what has been completely changed is interesting. While the comic is currently on an artistic hiatus, I would definitely keep checking back on it as the artist will surely update it once she is able to. It’s Bridges. It happens. 12 years later, and I still keep checking. Yep.


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