The latest indie table top game

So what’s the latest table top game that’s sweeping the nation? Sandwich Roulette! You put a bunch of different types of sandwiches into ziplocks and then into a box without a sealed bottom. You then pick up the box, and wait a couple of seconds until they all fall to the ground. You then pick some up, and that’s what you are eating that day. What’s the catch? 3 of the sandwiches are peanut butter only. Eat one of those, and you loose.


TOO EASY?! Well, this game came about because I had a bunch of sandwich meat that was either technically past the sell by date, or coming up close. Sandwich Roulette Hard Mode! This game will one day be taught in schools, and practiced at conventions all over the world!

Creating this game was a fun way to ensure that I finally start actually making and taking my lunch to work. For one more additional rule, keep adding sandwiches, peanut butter or otherwise, to really make the game dangerous!


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