Bomber Girl


Goku as a girl? And cute? We wish. I’m not sure if Bomber Girl Dragon Fight is just one doujinshi, or a series of them. I’m thinking the latter, as I’ve seen a few different plot lines. One of the plots involves a suddenly female Goku in an alternate universe where Planet Vegita never exploded. Thankfully, at least all of the pages in this short have appeared online, and have been fan translated.


The comic mainly involves Raditz and Bardock wanting to get it on with the newly femmed Kakarotto. Sparks are also possibly flying between the young Prince Vegita, who invites her to spar with him.


I once thought that the other story that I found of Bomber Girl was two different/incomplete stories. Goku and Gohan are girls, but Goku is still married to Chi Chi… so it’s a recent change I take it.

Goku then spars with Piccolo on the look out. Some awesome fighting stuff happens, and Goku ends up giving Piccolo a peck on the cheek. Ultimately, Goku wakes up a man again, and discovers that apparently everyone else had changed genders, including Chi Chi. Gohan, still a girl. Piccolo? Not present, but Namekians are asexual, so… doubtful he got boobs?

Anyways, I wonder if I’ve found all of Bomber Girl that there is. I know it’s not translated, but hopefully one day they will be. If you Google Dragon Ball Z and Bomber girl, the three story chunks should quickly pop up. Anyways, enjoy!


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