Kashimashi – Girl meets Girl

This anime is extremely cute, let me get that out straight away. Kashimashi, also romanized as Kasimasi, was a short 12 episode anime series with one OVA, and aPS2 game that never came to America. Hazamu Osaragi is an indecisive young man who enjoyed some of the more feminine hobbies, such as gardening, and because of that he was able to be seen by Yasuna, who, it eventually is revealed, can not make out most of the details when it comes to the distinguishing features of men, even her own father.

Hazamu, Yasuna, Tomari

Hazumu asks Yasuna out, but she turns him down. Hazumu runs away to a cliff side, where he ends up being killed accidentally by a space ship. The aliens regenerate him, but in the process of that, he is accidentally turned into a girl.

The series revolves around Hazumu being indecisive between his romantic feelings between Yasuna, and his female childhood friend Tomari. Along for the ride you have their high school friends, an eccentric teacher who has never found love, his too supportive parents, the wacky alien that changed him, and the space ship that caused the accident personified into a cute girl that can float.

ImageKashimashi is a great anime to watch, or even a manga to read, if you are okay with an annoyingly cute series about tiny lesbians. Oh, and you are okay with the fact that Hazumu has no eyes as a man. It’s a little disturbing.


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