Blind, The Thief

Art by: Karosu-Maker

Blind was possibly one of the most interesting bosses in the The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. You find out about the theif in the light world, as well as his weakness to sunlight. You then discover a dungeon in The Dark World that is almost exactly where the thief’s’s hideout is in the light world’s overworld view.

Instead of discovering the boss, you find the crystal maiden behind bars. After rescuing her, she refuses to leave the dungeon with you After some tinkering around, it becomes clear something is wrong after you take The 4th crystal maiden to the boss’ lair. If you’ve done everything correctly, suddenly she transforms into the dungeon’s boss Blind.

Blind is revisited in the Gameboy Advance version specific dungeon, Palace of The Four Swords. In the recent LTTP sequel, A Link Between Worlds, Link finds himself facing many similar bosses, including a character named Stalblind. Makes sense, since Lorule is VERY similar to The Dark World.

Since Blind and Ganon are both thiefs, there is a chance that they might have either worked together before, or even been friends.

On a side note, the artist IanS has some amazing fan art, including a 2 page pencil comic about Blind and Link. I suggest viewing IanS’ entire gallery, but please note that the gallery is NSFW.


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