My problems with a Wii U, and why I don’t want to want one:

With Nintendo announcing their less than stellar numbers that they expect by the end of 2013’s fiscal year, March 31st, I ask myself why I don’t really want or need a Wii U, and I’ve come up with these 5 reasons.

ImageVirtual Console
– Yes, Xbox One and PS4 are not backwards compatible, thus I will lose money on all of the Xbox Live Arcade games I’ve purchased. I get that. What I don’t get is that The Wii U has a segregated marketplace for Wii, Wii U, and 3DS that doesn’t make since. I should be able to at the very least buy games for the Wii while I’m in the Wii U marketplace, but I can’t. Furthermore, since I have to be in Wii emulation mode to play these games, many of which I would desire to use the now incompatible legacy controllers with, Nintendo can get away with re-selling old games yet again. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO RE-BUY SUPER MARIO?While it’s weird that I can’t play the old Virtual Console game on a Wii U gamepad without some sort of extorted upgrade fee, I just honestly don’t feel like Nintendo should be wasting everyone’s time by re-re-releasing these games. It took FOREVER for games like Chrono Trigger to come out on Wii, and some titles never, I repeat, NEVER came to its virtual console that have since come to Wii U. It really is maddening, as I bought my original Wii because of the Virtual Console.

ImageNintendo’s online policy
– This goes back to the problem with how they handled the Virtual Console. On the Wii, online was a joke. Friend codes haven’t exactly vanished, and while the mii-verse isn’t exactly boring, it’s not what I want. I suppose I should be happy that Nintendo will never implement an online setup that is good enough to pay for? Who needs to pay for X-Box live or PSN when only a couple games can even go online?

ImageEven Newer Super Mario Bros, with the newest problem?
– I remember a friend bringing Super Mario over for the Wii U, and being upset because if I wanted to play the game multiplayer without ‘being god’ with the tablet styled Wii U gamepad, I HAD to use a Wii-mote. WTF? WHY? THE CONTROLLER THAT COMES WITH THE Wii U HAS ALL OF THE CORRECT BUTTONS, AND YOU CAN PLAY AS MARIO IN SINGLE PLAYER WITH IT JUST FINE?!?!?!?! I might be over reacting on this one, but honestly, It doesn’t make sense. Some games on the Wii were awesome, because any game that I should be able to play with a controller, I could. 4 player game using Gamecube, Wii-mote, Wii-mote with Nunchuck, and the classic controller? No problem! At this point, I figured Nintendo would be so excited that people want to play their games that they would even allow us to jump in with a DS!

ImageThere still isn’t a game that makes me HAVE to own a Wii U
– This will fix it self when games like Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. comes out. But you know what? I can only play Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One, and most multi-platform 3rd party games will either come to that system AND The Playstation 4… so what’s the point? If you can live your life without Mario, Link, Samus, and Kirby… do. Or buy a 3DS and play Super Smash Bros. on it. 3rd parties DON’T want to develop games for your system because of it’s hardware limitations AND online limitations. Why did The Dreamcast fail again?

ImageI’m still bitter about Wii
– I think that is the biggest reason. I don’t want to be fooled again. Where were all of the JRPG’s? Fighting games? Remember when Capcom bragged that Street Fighter IV could be ported to the original Game Boy, as it was the gameplay it self that mattered? Well… WHERE WAS STREET FIGHTER ON Wii?!?! I’m still bitter about having to get an Xbox 360 to play almost every game that wasn’t Nintendo made, with the exception of… Ghostbusters?

Will Wii U have great games? Of Course. Will it have the majority of games that you want to play, the way you want to play them? Chances are… no. You broke my heart Nintendo. It’s up to you to repair this bro-mance, as I know several devices that care more for me.

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