Something is wrong with this awesome shirt


First off, the shirt design is AMAZING. There is only one problem that I caught, but there are actually two or three problems in this Powerpuff Girl Mashup. First of all, The Sailor Senshi have a wider eye color spectrum than just blue, as do The Powerpuff Girls. Secondly? I didn’t even notice that Sailor Jupiter’s hair color is black as opposed to brown. Thirdly? Jupiter’s hair is blonde, but her skirt and shoes are supposed to be orange. Oh, and Sailor Jupiter’s shade of green shouldn’t be pastel.

These are all technical things that shouldn’t matter, as these aren’t actually The Sailor Senshi, but a parody. Maybe they were trying to cut down on the amount of colors that were used?

Also, Sailor Mercury’s skirt and hair color are different shades of blue. Whatever.

ANYWAYS, this is a pretty cool shirt despite the small accuracy problems that are present. I’m sure many people will buy these, despite the many complaints about Sailor Jupiter not having brown her and green eyes.


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