Gender Swap – Experiment with The Machine to Be Another

NSFW! Now that I have that covered, let me explain this video. Basically, two people are hooked up to a 3D camera set up. One is male, and the other is female. They both agree on what body movements they do, and in a way, they both get to share the experience of being the other. There’s more to it then that, and you should read up on it here.

While science is worthwhile, I’m not 100% sure this is. I have to wonder what difference it makes that there is another human being on the other side who has to agree upon every action, vs: using an extremely realistic, virtual humanoid body. Since this does not hook up to each persons synapses, and men and women have two different sets of erogenous zones… what is the point beyond novelty? A man wont know the weight of a woman’s breasts this way, nor how the body responds to the slightest touch. A woman, likewise, wont be able to understand the changes as well, as they are just touching themselves.

I’m not saying that this is pointless, but besides testing the boundaries men and women have, I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a start for something more?

4 thoughts on “Gender Swap – Experiment with The Machine to Be Another

    1. Excellent point! People keep pointing out phantom limb disorder, for example… which makes my mind go to the sad place of people who have had to get mastectomies 😦

      ANYWAYS, Hopefully this is a jumping off point for many different things.

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