My Little Gender Change

ImageMy Little Pony – Friendship is Magic, is a children’s TV show that was created by Lauren Faust to revamp the MLP franchise, and to do that Lauren Faust decided to make stories that she, as a young girl, wanted to see but weren’t on television. To her, her ponies had adventures with her other toys, and that didn’t mean that they obsessed about boys, painting their nails, or other cliche things that television attempts to brainwash little girls to believe. Considering this fact, is it really all that odd that boys and men found this humerus  show about friendship and adventure enjoyable? This challenging of what is correct for ones gender is really built into the DNA of My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic.

Now, stepping down from that soap box, I felt like it should be mentioned that while there is no official gender swap episode of MLP, the fans have re-created the ‘mane’ six fillies into colts, as well as many of the other characters. While, from what I can tell, their personalities are intact for the most part, it is interesting to see characters such as Rarity ‘butched up’ a bit with names like Elusive, Bubble Berry, Dusk Shine, Apple Jack, Rainb… wait. Apple Jack is just Apple Jack? Gah… Come on! Fine. You know what I wanted her name to be? Corn Flake. Cause it’s a different cereal. BUT NO, that wouldn’t make SENSE in an alternate universe where there were actually interesting male characters. Whatever. Anyways, to check out some of these gender flipped ponies, check this link out!

Or hey! Here’s a song that sort of demonstrates this: I think this one is just an altering of the original song though digitally


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