Sunday is good for one thing… bumming around doing nothing. I wish that was an option for me. Anyways, what can be done while bumming?


Amazon has a great sale today only

Humble Audio Book Bundle!


ImagePhotography! No… seriously. I’m sure there are some awesome trees, some goofy friends, or a at the very least a cat that you can take some photos of. Bonus points if it’s a sexy neighbor. Please note that sexy neighbors should be notified of all photo-graphical endeavors prior than photo shoots. All unwanted shoots might be considered harassment at the very least.

Walk/Jog – Tons of areas have parks. I’m pretty sure that was part of FDR’s ‘New deal.’ Do it!

Cooking! Why go out to eat when you can figure out how the pros do it at home? http://www.copykat.com/

What to watch:

Bad comic book movies! 1990’s movies such as Vampirella, Nick Fury, and Generation X all jump into my head! Or the animated Gen 13 that was never released stateside! Supergirl was kind of bad too, but I loved it at the time. Can’t find any of those? How about The Hulk? The first X-men origin movie about wolverine? That was pretty bad. Notice how I didn’t say Spawn? Spawn was awesome. Leave Spawn alone.

Good comic book movies! Superman? No. I hated every movie up until Superman Returns, except also the one with Richard Prior. Richard Prior was ‘The Man.’ I actually wished they would have kept Superman Returns and not done Man of Steel. Anyways, how about watching Spawn? Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3? Maybe you have an early/illegal copy of the first Wolverine movie sans special effects laying around on an old external? That’s so laughably bad that that one counts as a good movie.

My character in Saints Row The Third.

Video Games:

This is the perfect time to whip out Skyrim. Enjoy. Grand Theft Auto. Enjoy. World of Warcraft… if you are into that kind of thing. This one isn’t that hard to grasp, people! In keeping with this months theme of gender change, you can always play Saints Row The Third while constantly changing your gender to fit your mood. There. Have fun!

Anyways, I hope everyone finds something to do on this useless day! Have fun!


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