Less Wisdom, more pain

ImageSorry everyone for the lack of a post last night. I had my wisdom teeth pulled. All 4. turns out I had two abscesses, and I had to have a bone graft from a dead guy, and yeah. I was in miserable pain last night, and I’m still sort of spitting blood, 13 hours later. Dunno if I will go to work today or not, as my dental surgeon did not recommend it. My mom ended up going to work today because the roads aren’t as iced up as the weathermen thought they were going to be. I don’t think she wants me to leave to go home yet though. Which is weird, but whatever.

Thank god for insurance, cause well… $3,000 is a lot less than $8,000… am I right?

The picture on the left helps make this post on topic with the month though, right? No… okay. I might try and do a post that has more meat to it tonight. Dunno what it will be about though.


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