Futaba-Kun Change!


Futaba Shimeru was your typical high school student who enjoyed your typical high school things. Wrestling club, his friends, crushing on his female friend Misaki, and yes… porn magazines. Hey, he’s in high school!

One day, while perusing a magazine that a friend loaned him, Futaba’s heart starts to race, and all of a sudden, BAM! Futaba Shimeru is a woman! He ends up fleeing the boy’s bathroom wearing only his school jacket as he attempts to shake off his pursuers, aka the men’s wrestling team!

Apparently, Futaba’s entire family changes sex whenever they get excited. This means that Futaba was actually mothered by his father, who turns out to be a sexy model in the father’s own alternate identity! I would call that traumatizing, if not for the fact that Futaba’s older sister, Futana, is constantly trying to feel her brother’s bodacious body up at all times, as she herself is quite the lecherous man.


Futaba-kun now has to attend school as both himself, as well as the beautiful Futaba-chan… because why wouldn’t they both have the same name, ya know? Joining him on his adventures is his love interest Misaki, who he constantly has to protect the secret of his true nature from, or else his family will be forced to relocate! The entire cast is fleshed out with the wrestling team, Misaki’s best friend who manages Futaba’s idol career as well as female rivals, and later a love interest with the same gender flipping disorder.

This manga by Hiroshi Aro ran from 1990 until 1997 for a total of 8 volumes. It was translated in North America by Studio Ironcat, which is unfortunately defunct. If you wish to purchase this wacky and slightly sexy comic, you will either have to buy it online somewhere like eBay, or somehow magically find a way to read it online. No idea how one would magically do that online though. Yep.

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