The image on the left was too sexy for print.

Since Sabrina is on the cover, you can pretty much figure out how this Archie gender bent comic from last year came to be. Salem does a thing, Sabrina has to figure out how to fix things, and until we do we get to see the wacky shenanigans of an entire gender bent cast. It’s a shame Sabrina wasn’t also changed, as I’m curious what he would look like.

Archina is a stupid name for a female Archibold. I suppose Archibalda, which is a real German name which means ‘born free’ wasn’t on their short list, somehow? Maybe it is Archibalda, and Archina is some kind of nickname? It’s hard to say, as this one shot issue was a little short, thus somewhat of a let down. If only we could have had a 2 parter, like the upcoming Star Trek comic starring Captain Jane T. Kirk.


As cool as it was seeing that Archie’s life would pretty much be the same, regardless of Archie’s gender, the events of the comic goes completely unnoticed. In fact, if it wasn’t for someone uploading Johnny and The Wolves concert, aka Josie and The Pussy Cats, to the internet, there would be nothing gained. The crew just see themselves briefly in the crowd, and how those people look similar.

ImageThis comic was an effective publicity stunt that made me buy the comic. Unfortunately my cover isn’t as awesome as the top image’s, which had to be edited because it could look like Ronnie and Billy are copping a feel on Archina’s bosom, and not safely holding their straws for their milkshake. I like both versions of the cover, and I still want the damn thing to be a poster on my wall.


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