Wet and Cold

ImageSunday here where I live is wet and cold. I would stay in, if I didn’t have work. So, what do I suggest that you, my readers do? Well, you can watch the big games today. That’s right!

Animal Planet’s The Puppy Bowl!

Hallmark’s The Kitten Bowl!

Nat Geo Wild’s The Fish Bowl!

Oh my GOD! So much excitement! You know what? I’m not even mad that Stephen Colbert is also doing Superb Owl stuff, despite the fact that I covered that last year here on the blog.


So, not a fan of the animal kingdom? Well, read some books. You can get some free books, many of which in the public domain, for your kindle on amazon. I downloaded Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, and a bunch more. I’m pretty sure I even downloaded some romance novels on accident, I was that excited.

Or, you know, you can download the Hobbit, which I also did. I never finished, it! Shame on me, right? Well, that should be enough advice to get you through ‘the big game.’ Enjoy everyone!

Oh, one more thing! This month will be DBZ month, so you could marathon some of the movies. If you do, might I suggest the two movies with Brolly? Anyways, enjoy this waste of a day!


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