It’s not all right.

This doesn’t look quite right…

After purchasing the comic, I was a bit upset that It breaks the pages up into 3 panels at a time. At first I was okay with this, until I realized that the 30 page count is more like 12 standard comic pages if you consider that the comic starts on page 4, figure that 6 panels should equal one printed page, and that the last three pages are ads and the Roar logo.

Maybe I should just read the 90's comics for 1.95?
Maybe I should just read the 90’s comics for 1.95?

I would like to say that 1.99 for 12 pages worth of content is a great price, but for 2.99 you can pick up a printed issue of Archie that has 20 pages of story that has better page layout.

Still though, if you just have to get your Zack Attack on, maybe this interesting re-telling of Slater’s first day of school is worth owning despite it’s glaring faults? Then again, the actual show is on Netflix…


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