Disney’s The Little Mermaid on Broadway

It’s coming to Houston in June… I don’t think that I’m going to go, but maybe? I actually am not a huge fan of the Broadway incarnation of the show, as a lot of the new songs just are not my cup of tea. I also am not a fan of their depiction of Ursala. She’s too thin, but maybe that’s because she is also Vanessa? I would have given the role to more of a Liza Minelli, and just cast twins to play Vanessa and Ariel.

Well, don’t I have something positive to say about the Broadway show that I have never seen? Well… Ursula is Ariel’s Aunt in this incarnation, which is something they took out of the movie’s script. I think it makes her over all creepier, so I’m okay with this. Who knows, maybe I’ll see it just to say that I did. When else will I get the chance to see a Broadway Show? Probably umm… often, as we have a pretty good theater district, but you know… whatever.


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