Was Dragon Ball Z month canceled?


Cancel is such a strong word, but thankfully the ‘Z Fighters’ are a strong bunch. This theme just did nothing for me, and honestly as an adult male… there  just isn’t enough in Dragon Ball Z to keep my interest. Then you add the fact that I’ve had some personal issues that I would rather deal with, and there you go.

Dragon Ball is a show I really should watch more of. I’ve seen every bit of Z and GT, and only a bunch of the original. I think where Z went wrong was how they ultimately ditched Bulma and several characters. 


Bulma ended up being Vegita’s beard, and that was so they could ultimately introduce the character Trunks. Yamcha, Tien, and others were pushed aside and ultimately forced into retiring. Meanwhile, we have a bunch of yelling and punching.

Oh well. Anyways, I’m not sure if next month will have a theme or not. later


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