5 Dragon Balls found in 7 episodes?

ImageGoku has problems. Thus far, I’m 7 episodes into Akira Toriyama’s anime series Dragon Ball, and well… Okay. I get it. You’re only a sexual deviant if you know that what you are doing is wrong. Almost every episode, every single character that Goku has met, he’s checked to see if the character is a boy or a girl, ever since he learned that Bulma was a girl, and girls lack a ‘wiener and balls.’ Goku is 14, looks like he’s maybe 6, and lacks practical knowledge about everything except martial arts, which he learned from his Grandfather Gohan.

Uh, huh. Wow. So, besides the main character being a sexual deviant who LOVES getting naked and showing how he is a boy as he pees in water he is about to swim in, there are a few times when Bulma is victim to fan service. While there is one shower scene that shows her naked body just because they could, Dragon Ball isn’t as gratuitous as more recent anime shows that unrealistically makes it a point to show off the female’s breasts every time they are on screen.

Thus far, this show is completely different from Dragon Ball Z. Perverse humor and slapstick vs. constantly trying to find an excuse to fight. Goku is such a weirder little kid than Gohan and Goten. Thank god for Chi Chi I guess? Anyways, I will continue watching the first season of Dragon Ball, and give more opinions later in the week.


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