Dragon Ball Boxset 1: Disc 2

ImageDisc two ends ‘The Emperor Pilaf Saga (1986),’ and starts the first episode of ‘The Tournament Saga. (1986)’

I was worried at first that the last episode on the disc wasn’t going to be that great, but you know what? The inclusion of Krillin was a nice touch, as well as the non-re-occurring(?) character to the left. It’s a shame such an interesting character most likely only appears the one time, but for all I know, maybe there is an entire mermaid race Goku has to save at some point.

ImageOh, and in case you think I’m over reacting to this one mermaid, in a world of hover cars and dinosaurs, than take a gander at the diorama to the right. In 2005 they made some Dragon Ball ones, and this scene was interesting enough to immortalize forever! HAH!


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