Today, I became a clown.


One of the perks of having a comedian for a roommate, is that you get exposed to new, sometimes horrifying, things. Today, I became a clown.

My friend, Chuck Montgomery, convinced me and another roommate, ‘Scott The Juggler’ to go to a retirement home and entertain people. Under the guise of being taught how to make balloon animals, I donned the bulbous red nose of good!

My humor eventually turned into snarky parody of my friends, as I parodied ‘The Juggler’ and the uh… take charge comedian who took all the pressure of the spotlight away from the guy in a pink wig.

Yeah… It’s hard making fun of actually talented people. I don’t know how people on the internet make a living doing it.

So what are some other awesome and free things to do while clowned up? I made sure to run by a cart pusher at a local grocery store who knew me. I honked my horn and waved. As I pulled away, I shouted “NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU!” Then, I went to Taco Bell to suggestively wink at cute women. DAY WELL SPENT!


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