Dragon Ball Box set one – disc 3

krillinI did not want to ever see Krillin naked. I’ve now seen this hairless wonder completely naked a few too many times already. Also, the fight against Bacterian in the Tenkaichi tournament is just… wrong. Great breaking of the fourth wall… but wrong.

Is this show legal to sell in North America? Krillin and Goku are 12 and 13 or something like that. Gah… Bulma, I think, has it much easier in this series than the two boys do. I have questions though. Will we eventually get to see Evil King Piccolo, and his lack of penis? Or does he have one? I should never have to ask that question. Isn’t this suppose to be a series about a boy on some grand adventure? I really hope that after this box set, they tone down the showing of little boy cock, I honestly do.


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