Dragon Ball Box Set 1: Disc 4

ImageThis disc had an all time low of nudity, but just when you thought they couldn’t fit a child’s penis into a fight scene, Dragon ball  finds away! Seriously, we’re like… done with naked Goku for a while, yes? I mean, there were women in the Tenkaichi audience who saw a penis for the first time ever because of this bout!

Anyways, Goku won his fight against Namu, and ended up in the finals against Muten Roshi Jackie Chun! This battle was so long and overly drawn out, I thought I was watching Dragon Ball Z! Everything that could have happened, happened in this fight, and it was a good way to end ‘The Tournament Saga (1986).’

Only one disc left, and that starts ‘The Red Ribbon Army Saga (1986-1987).


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