What was done on a Sunday

I’m too much like Ash. I let go all of the Pokemon I saw at CoastCon!

Sunday morning at around 1am I got home from CoastCon in Mississippi. Yes, Mississippi has a coast, a beach, and hell even a lighthouse. Now that that’s done with, I can explain what all happened past 1am.

Much sleep was had. Too much sleep, possibly. After and before more sleep, I ended up eating at Souper Salad, and afterwords misplacing my keys. Then, after sleeping I decided to register my 2DS as well as my copy of Super Mario 3D Land so I can obtain a free copy of Pokemon Y. All of that had to of course be found in my room.

Once I was ready to download Pokemon Y, that was when I realized that I had left my 2DS in my roommates car, which is now at his over night job! Doh!

And there I was, ready to rebuild my Pokemon dynasty from the ashes, only to be thwarted by spacey-wacey shenanigans! Oh well!

So that was my Sunday! Tomorrow I will post about more important things, as this useless recounting of THE AMAZING DAY THAT WAS SUNDAY, could only be done today… on the most useless of days.




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