Captain America (Steve Rogers) and American Dream (Shannon Carter)

CoastCon 37 was pretty cool. I got to learn a bit about my birth state, Mississippi! Did you know Mississippi has a coast? and a NASA? Amazing, huh?

This trip, unfortunately, was Louisianime business, so the coast, NASA, and sadly a large portion of the events went under-appreciated. Hell, we didn’t even get to say hi to Q/Discord himself, John de Lancie! We did get a good view of him at his autograph table though, the creepers we wer.

The only panel that I got to see was the  Star Trek costuming panel, and while I learned a lot about Star Fleet uni-sex Skants, original costumes, and what not… it was just very under filled as far as audience members go. Still very informative despite that though!

CoastCon is Mississippi’s oldest and largest science fiction, fantasy, and gaming convention. I know this, not because I practically lifted that sentence from wikipedia, but because I saw cosplayers and fans from every single genre. It was truly inspiring, and I think I want to go to more sci-fi conventions in the future.

Below are a couple photos that I took over the weekend:


For more photos, please go to my album here:


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