Still recovering from Saturday

After I got home from ImageAnime Matsuri, I hit the bed HARD! Could not stay awake, but why should I on such a pointless day? At least this time, the convention was in Houston as opposed to MISSISSIPPI, but still; I always feel exhausted after a convention.

Sunday, for many conventions, is that awkward day, where you wonder if you should promote, try to enjoy the last few hours of the convention, or just get the hell out of there after the 12 o’clock check out time. We made it to almost 2pm, which isn’t bad for a convention that ends at 4pm.

Oh well, many fliers for Louisianime were passed out, and that’s the important thing. Expect a full report on Monday about Anime Matsuri! I’m going to enjoy the remaining hour plus of my Sunday! err… or go back to bed. Either way.


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