Anime Matsuri 2014


Anime Matsuri, held in the George R. Brown in Houston, Tx during March 15-17th 2014, was interesting. When entering the convention, you would have to go past the dealer’s room and up to the second floor in order to go through registration. You would then have the option of going up another escalator to where the panels were, or you could go back down to the combined Dealer’s room/Artist Alley. I’m not quite sure if this was the best use of the space, as it made it feel more spaced out than it needed to be, and some people were confused while trying to enter the George R. Brown.

I did not get a lot of time to check things out like I would have normally, as I was mostly in the dealers room which was very far away from everything else.

It should be mentioned that the Anime Matsuri badges have RFID’s in them, and uniformed security officers would have to scan them as soon as you got off of the escalator going up to the convention, as well as to get into the dealer’s room. Apparently, this was done because of previous incidences, so is understandable, but also rather unfortunate. Things went rather smoothly, but men who look similar to Police officers yelling at everyone the moment you go up the escalators who threaten to shut things down if we don’t obey just seem rather off putting. Oh well though, that’s the price of doing business.

Below are some of the photos that I took over the weekend. For more, please visit my set on flickr.

P1120764P1120773 P1120776


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