Peter’s Challenge

Cosplayer, convention owner, con-chair, and more relevantly photographer Peter C. Jiang has issued the following challenge to convention photographers:


kuwabaraWell, my friend… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! It’s really sad that I’m making this resolution so late into the year, but we are before Louisianime, which might be the best opportunity that I get in order to take this challenge. So let’s crunch some numbers.

Challenge: 3,501 plus photos by a single photographer at a convention.
Typical convention: 3 days = 1167 photos per day
All of my convention related photos on Flickr since 2005: 2055

This might be harder than I thought. Heck, my largest album from my 2 week trip to Japan in 2010 was only 1,028 photos!

Keep the following in mind:

  1. Friday has less cosplayers and attendees than Saturday
  2. Sundays are much shorter than the rest of the days
  3. Thursday is considered day 0 of the convention
  4. Some conventions last longer than 3 days

Poison touch upSo what are some ways to accomplish this task of over 3,500?

  • Photoshoots
  • Meetups
  • Selfies w/ attendees
  • Panels and Events
  • Booths
  • Guests
  • Crowds
  • Personal / Behind The Scenes

The main thing to consider while taking this challenge is that A: It’s supposed to be fun and B: You do not have the right to be obnoxious.

While quality should always trump quantity, there are many times when I do not want to bug people to take their photos. This challenge will encourage me to be more extroverted and many people will have photos who might have missed the chance otherwise. Will you take Peter’s Challenge?


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