Dragon Ball – Box set 1: Disc 5


With The Tournament Saga (1986) over,  Master Roshi attempts to have some alone time with Lunch, only to be thwarted by Krillin wishing to live with him. Goku, meanwhile, takes it upon himself to find the Dragon Balls! He visits Nam’s village, and helps with the water crisis. Afterwords, he tracks down the four star Dragon Ball, only he’s not the only one looking for it! It turns out that not only is The Pilaf gang searching for it once again, but so is the mysterious Red Ribbon Army!

Goku ends up loosing Bulma’s Dragon Radar to a thief, only for the thief to pawn it. Pilaf ends up at the pawn shop, only to instead of buying the Radar winds up with a Dragon Ball! Right? I mean, the radar does show a ball somewhere in the area. I’m sure it’s just that easy, right? Shu, of Imperor Pilaf’s gang, later impersonates Goku due to the fact that there is a Dragon Ball in a village. If you were afraid that this disc would come to an end before Chi Chi and Ox King were shown again, you were horribly mistaken!

And thus, The Red Ribbon Saga (1986 – 1987) begins!

Oh, and I think there were only two instances of a naked Goku, but by this time, I’m blocking it out, so who can really tell?


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