Sunday is Still Useless

I forgot to make a post yesterday, so Sunday is slightly more useful to the readers than it normally is, and for that I apologize. It was a post about Dragon Ball, and while reviewing an anime series from 1986 or so isn’t very useful, I’m sure someone out there will benefit, and that makes me sad.

ImageANYWAYS, So Sunday. Hmm… what to do. Well, You can always play some Dragon Ball games. That’s Something. Maybe pop in a Super Famicom cartridge and play Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension? That’s something. Or Hey! How about some of the Game Boy Advanced games? I hear that the legend of goku games wer super awesome. No? okay. Well then. Huh.

Okay. I’m going to break my rule. Here is something that you could do, in order to waste your time on a Sunday: Dragon Ball The Movie!

What? There’s too much story to tell Dragon Ball correctly in a movie! I mean… if they did, they would have to also include an original, but also not that great plot line, correct? Well, they did that in Dragon Ball: The curse of The Blood Rubies!

This movie overwrites the story from season 1, and after 50 minutes, You are ready to pop in Season 2. They literally found a way to tell every major plot point without the uh… correct context? This movie is also lacking Krillin, so before you hit the 2nd-4th movie that’s in the box set, watch The World Tournament Saga.

Oh, and if you have a PSP laying around, you could always play the Dragon Ball Evolution game. Yeah, that still exists. I hear it’s better than Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game. Anyways, enjoy your Sunday!


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