Too impatient for the internet

YunaI’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty impatient person. When it comes to buying things, I want it right then and now. Despite this, I order items online all of the time. A recent aquisition for me, was Disney’s Frozen, from their movie club. I ended up receiving the movie the day after it was available in stores, and that felt like the worst wait ever… until I never got my Final Fantast X HD from Amazon.

I pre-ordered the game in December with a giftcard that I ghad received as a gift. When the 18th arrived, FFX’s US release date, and my package hadn’t even shipped, I was a bit upset. When the 22nd hit, and Amazon said that it hadn’t shipped, I lost it and canceled my order. If you can’t even ship the package the week of street date, why even allow me to pre-order? What’s the point? It didn’t hae 2 day shipping, so I feel justified.

RanmaLong story short, with the refund I bought some Dragon Ball box sets that supposedly will arrive today. Gotta love free 2 day shipping. Also, apparently my box set of Ranma 1/2 on Blu-Ray also should be arriving coincidentally today. God help me if it’s hasn’t arrived by the time I get off work today.

Yes, I know this is all pretty sad.


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