What if? They re-made I Dream of Jeannie?

Do you want to build a Snowman?

It’s hard to wonder what I dream of Jeannie would be like without Barbra Eden as Jeannie, and perhaps even talking about the idea is too close to the death of Larry Hagman… but what if?

Imagine a remake set in the original time (1965-1970) as well as setting (Florida) but this time taking into account the real people and events that happened during the space race. This remake would be more serious, considering the up’s, and downs of NASA and The United States during this time period, but it would still strive to retain a good bit of the humor from the original show.

Would Major Nelson go into space with NASA? Probably not? Would he test special equipment for NASA though? Of course! Would he and Jeannie diminish Neil Armstrong’s achievement of being the first man on the moon, by having an early morning picnic in one of the vast craters, as they gaze up towards the blue sphere we call Earth? Naturally!

Or you know… we can change the decade to now. That would be less Mad Men, but there is tons of things possible with 2014 as a setting. Jeannie, Nelson, and Roger having a weekend on The International Space Station, Jeannie blinking them to Pluto for some Deep Sea Fishing. Hell, Maybe Major Nelson would be approached by Space X.

Maybe a reboot of I Dream of Jeannie wouldn’t be America’s Doctor Who, but I honestly think that it’s something worth trying, in one media format or another.


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