dragon ball – box set 2: disc 1

Silver.Ep.034Young Goku continues his battle against The Red Ribbon Army and The Pilof Gang in this action packed disc. He ends up having to leave Chi Chi behind after promising to eat their wedding later. Chi Chi, of course tries to correct him, but Goku has no time for that, as he chase down Pilof’s gang, who currently has the 5 star Dragon Ball! Red Ribbon soldiers get captured by Pilof’s traps in the desert sand, as does Goku. Colonel Silver, of The Red Ribbon army tries to liberate his men from Pilof’s underground fortress, but has to wait for reinforcements while Goku is underground wrecking stuff. Eventually an all out battle between Pilof and The Red Ribbon Army leaves Pilof once again castle-less.

Goku flees with his Kinto-Un, only to drop the Dragon Ball in the Jungle. Silver and Goku both attempt to recover the ball, all while Goku makes new friends with the local monkeys. Goku, using his superior Dragon Radar, recovers the ball, defeats Silver in combat, but only after Silver destroys Kinto-Un! Goku angrily defeats Silver, and steals his capsules in order to flee towards the next Dragon Ball, which is at Muscle Tower, which is in a land of ice and snow.

MetallitronvsGokuA small girl befriends Goku, and he promises to beat up The Red Ribbon Army guys and get back their Village Chief! He beats up the underlings, struggles but eventually beats up the ginormous Major Metallitron, and goes to fight the Ninja Murasaki… whose techniques are both powerful and unorthodox.

Up next for little Goku is the mysterious Cyborg No. 8, but that battle will be… NEXT TIME, On Dragon Ball.

So yeah. Outside of Goku peeing in the desert, there really isn’t any perverse humor this disc, except for one battle that I wont go into. Things happen, and they are messed up… but no naked Goku’s this time! WINNING!

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