Cosplayer body image

ImageI recently read an article over on Kotaku about how a young Japanese woman lost over 100 pounds because people were mean to her when she cosplayed as Tieria from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 due to her being an over weight cosplayer.

This makes me sad, as I myself am a bit over weight, and need to loose about the same amount of weight. Loosing weight is difficult for me, as I tend not to loose weight too much by dieting, but I actually lost over 45 lbs a few years ago after going to the gym every single work day for at least an hour.

ImageI used to cosplay quite a bit, never all that well mind you, but was always afraid of being refereed to as ‘That Fat Link Cosplayer,’ or whomever I was dressed as. Because of this, my first cosplay was that of The Poison Mushroom, from Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels.

One of the reasons that I chose this ‘character’ was because I knew that I could do it anyway I want to, and that no one else had ever done it before. To refer to me, they would HAVE to say ‘THE Poison Mushroom cosplayer.’ I chose a more original and humerus route when I was about the age of 19 year-old Kanna Motoyoshi from the Kotaku article.

It must be really rough for women. For example: many people often make fun of Yaya Han, due to the fact that she had breast augmentation. Maybe it was for her then rumored career as a stripper, or maybe it was so her cosplay persona would become more popular. For all we know, she deep down was unhappy about her body, and decided to change that. Again, I have no idea, but the fact remains that she, similarly to the first mentioned cosplayer, did something about it, albeit more drastically.

yayahanNow, when you wear something out in public like, say a My Little Pony Shirt, an awesome hat, or even cosplay, most people probably want to achieve at least two things. They want to look/feel nice, but they also want a reaction from people. Weather the decided outcome is a bro-hoof, someone asking you about your Minnetonka, or asking to take a photo of you, it feels great when it happens.

I suppose what I’m trying to get at is that you should never let other people’s criticism stop you from doing what you enjoy doing. Too ‘fat?’ Win the craftsmanship award for an amazing costume! Too ugly? Be a GOD D@MN GUNDAM! Too lazy? Eh… uh… you can buy costumes too?

Seriously… it’s that lazy thing that always gets me. Loose the weight, and/or learn to sew properly. Just got to at least do one of those things.


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