dragon ball – box set 2: disc 2

Goku finishes up with Muscle Tower by ‘taking care of’ Android Cyborg No. 8, also known as Eighter Ha-chan. It seems that Goku’s greatest challenge is the same thing as Superman’s… puzzles. Seriously. Goku is just not well equipped to solve things that require thinking, and ‘in-between’ floor 4 and 5 is a Maze! Terrifying. Some might consider the Maze a floor. Anyways, Floor 5 has no entrance, so Goku ends up at the top with General White, correct? Yes… and then he ends up on level 5 anyways in order to fight a bulbous yet malleable monster named Buyon. Every time Goku attacks Buyon, the attack bounces off. Goku, surprisingly solves this puzzle as well, and ends up fighting General White, who honestly isn’t too much of a threat.

Goku ultimately walks away from a crumbling Muscle Tower, hangs out with the people from the village, and is shocked to learn that a Kinto Un can not die. Goku calls it forth, rides it to West City, and ends up finding Bulma, who’se relationship with Yamcha is currently on the rocks.

Goku, Puar, Oolong, Bulma, and Goku all end up going to Dream Land Amusement park. Unbeknownst to Goku, The Red Ribbon Army has hired the female assassin Husky in order to steal the Dragon Balls, as well as kill Goku. Husky, who’s outfit resembles Mad Max’a and body resemble Lunch’s evil persona, of course is thwarted.

One of the cool things about this episode is that Bulma uses her Micro-Band, which is like a wrist watch that allows her to shrink down so Goku can hold her as he rides Kinto Un.


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