Catgurl month!

yayahanI felt that since we are now in a brand new month, and that it’s Spring time as well, that it was the perfect time to have Catgirl month on the blog!

Finally, everyone is shedding their Winter wear, and unleashing their inner beasts! So from now until the end of the month, I am going to post pictures of attractive catgirls that we can all drool over! First up is cosplayer Yaya Han, dressed as Felicia from Darkstalkers! If there’s one thing that I love about Darkstalkers, it’s that it gives women an excellent excuse to show off their bodies skills!

dragonpinkSo who can we look forward to tomorrow? I’m too excited to wait! It’s going to be Pink from Dragon Pink! Why would I spill the beans so early? Well, I got the opportunity last Oni-Con to have a special photo shoot with a certain internet celebrity on the beach dressed up as Pink! Who is she? Not telling!

I’m still working on editing the photos (mostly lighting and red-eye reduction) but expect something awesome tomorrow!



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