dragon ball – box set 2: disc 3

OctopapaS10After defeating Hasky’s failed bomb attack, Bulma heads off to help Goku find the Dragon Balls. This is the start of The General Blue Saga (1987). This is where the plot really starts to slow down. They go to an island, but discover that they need a mini-sub, so they get one from Muten Roshi, and end up swapping Bulma’s Micro-Band for it and Krillin. Master Roshi attempts to spy on Bulma, and later Lunch, while using the bathroom.

Bulma accidentally leaves her Dragon Balls behind in her backpack, so while they look for the Dragon Balls, General Blue’s men try to get the balls, as well as Roshi who they think built the Dragon Radar. Roshi easily defeats The Red Ribbon army soldiers.

The thre use the sub to go into an underwater cave in order to look for the Dragon Ball, originally unaware that General Blue’s men were right behind them! The cave is boobie-trapped, but while Goku and company avoid the traps, General Blue’s men are not so lucky. Goku and Krillin eventually have to fight a robot, while the crafty General Blue looks on from the shadows!

Eventually, Goku tells Bulma and Krillin to split up while he finishes off the robot. While running down some corridors, Krillin marks their path so Goku can follow. General Blue scuffs the mark and leads Goku down the wrong corridor, while Bulma and Krillin end up in a Treasure room with a statue that throws swords, all while Goku has to fight an Octopus!

Besides a swimming Goku, there isn’t that much nude Goku this disc. Maybe better luck on disc 4?

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