ImageFor many, Sunday is the day to play catch up. Chores, E-mail, Facebook, TV, whatever it is that you are catching up on though, you are going to need some awesome music. Might I suggest ANYTHING that has ever been on Supernatural? Or perhaps I should say EVERYTHING that has ever been on said program? This show’s music is so enjoyable and well thought out that they will even play the same song multiple times in the same season!

Maybe you don’t like hearing Kansas’ Don’t Fear The Reaper that much? If so, than I feel really sorry for you.

bumpWhat else is Sunday, the least important day of the week, good for? Wasting time. There are tons of ways to do this, one of which is building your very own custom ‘bump’ on Adult Swim’s web page. Those are the all black screens with white words on them that has music in the background that Adult Swim shows during commercials. You know what? I just realized that if I had to describe what a bump was, than you probably wouldn’t find it entertaining. At all. Huh.

Well, if those two ideas didn’t float your boat, than hey! you could always spend this time with your family. I sort of did that today by hanging out with my brother for a few minutes.

Never mind. Hanging out with family is apparently awkward. Go watch Supernatural.


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