Getting Kicked Around

Samusboot1On Tuesday, a brand new Nintendo Direct was released that focused on Smash Bros. For many, the huge reveal was that Charizard was going to be it’s own character, and they were going to include Charizard’s Mega Evolution somehow… nah! J/k, It’s all about Zero Suit Samus being her own woman, and accessorizing with some dope high heels that completely change who Samus is as a character.

It was decided that characters who could transform in previous games, such as Samus, should be split up into two characters. Was this the right thing to do? Probably. Zero Suit Samus was weaker than when she was in her armor, naturally, so to give her additional strength, Nintendo gave her jet boots in the form of high heels.

Samus’ Zero suit already had a slight flat heel to them, but in Metroid: Other M, they were the stylish boots to the right. Why would a woman who is already slightly taller than 6 feet want to wear these… lifts? Pumps? My knowledge of women’s shoes are a bit limited. Regardless, Other M’s boots served the same purpose as high heels, but no one complained because the game was ‘terrible.’

Metroid: Other M

Since Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out before Other M, most people will disregard that design for the one on the left. That’s fine. Seeing as how the Boot Jets are actually in addition to her regular boots, I honestly think it’s a more sensible choice than Other M. You could argue that the way the jets come out, it prevents her feet from burning blah blah blah. Samus is an attractive character. They didn’t create the Zero Suit to be ugly, or else they wouldn’t have made it somewhat reminiscent of Auska Langley’s plugsuit from Neon Genesis Evangelion in the first place.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

My main concern, is that Samus’ Zero suit goes on UNDER her armor. Besides the obvious fact that the heels are radically too tall to wear under her armor, adding stuff to her Zero Suit changes the entire point of it. Samus isn’t Megaman X. Or is she? Could you imagine a game where you have to play as Samus in a completely different way, picking up armor pieces for the Zero Suit even? I doubt Nintendo would ever ditch her red androgynous power suit, but an alternative bad ass outfit for games would be… well… bad ass?

ZeroSuitSamusWiiU-3DSSamus doesn’t have to be a rejection of all femininity. Some women wear high heels and don’t even think about it sending a political message. What does it say about us as people, for judging this fictional character in her choice of clothing?

And to all of the guys who are bitching about her shoes? Samus Aran is still more of a man than you will ever be, while still not as much of a woman as Final Fight’s Poison. Deal with it.


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