Image‘The Equestranauts’ was a very hard episode of Bob’s Burgers to watch, but not in that sexually-charged awkward confusing kind of way.

The episode is a parody about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but more importantly Bronies. Having been to Brony Fanfare, a MLP convention, this episode would make people think that pony conventions are mostly made up of old guys in fur suits, and those people are mostly in the minority. Maybe they did their research at a furry convention? Whatever. Still hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.

undercoverhorsedadThe lessen taught here is not that being a Brony is bad, but rather being a parent is horrifying. After Tina is swindled out of a rare pony toy by an Brony Equestical, it’s up to Bob to go to the convention, undercover of course, and get it back!

Cosplay, insane dealer prices, raves, bad smells, and partying! This episode of Bob’s Burgers doesn’t necessarily get everything right, but at least everything is represented, which is a difficult thing to do for a half hour show! If you hate My Little Pony, watch this episode! If you love My Little Pony, watch it twice! Once with your hands over your eyes from embarrassment, and a second time because hey… It’s Bob’s Burgers!


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