What if?! vol 2 Feb #105

ImageTo many, this is just one story in a series of short stories about alternate possibilities. For others, this story started The New Testament.

While the premise of the comic was basically: ‘What if Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s baby had lived” in reality it was more like “What if 90’s Spider-Man got to be happy?” How does THAT affect the Marvel universe? The end result was amazing!

This comic spawned the 100 issue series known as Spider-Girl, which had next generational spin-offs like A-Next (The Next Avengers), J2 (Son of The Juggernaut), The Fantastic Five, and more! Than, it was rebooted with Spectacular Spider-Girl! Within the pages of Spider-Man Family, shorter back up stories were made about Peter and MJ raising their child in “Mr. and Mrs. Spider-Man.”

ALL FROM THIS ONE WHAT IF?! COMIC! To put that into comparison… sure, it’s not as important as Action Comics #1 that first featured Super Man, but it might be close to Amazing Fantasy #15. Spider-Man, unfortunately, had an already existing backdrop to explore, while May Parker, named after Peter’s Aunt, wasn’t so lucky.

Spider-Girl ended in 2010, and besides a couple of bones thrown to fans from time to time, her universe has almost completely died with her. While it’s a shame, it begs the question… What if?! What if the comic which had been canceled a few times comes back one day? What if Spider-Girl is included in another video game (Marvel Ultimate Alliance as a character skin, cameo in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions)? Or… what if Spider-Girl being included in November’s upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #9’s 5 part mini-series leads to something larger? One can hope and dream, right?


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