Easter Sunday

ImageTaco Bell opened at 3pm today. I had to be at work at 2pm, so you can understand my frustration. Sunday became a little more worthless today.

Working in retail, I hate everyone who comes into my store on a holiday. I also hate my store for being open. Why are babies more important than zombies? We are completely off on Christmas Day, but not Easter? Bah!

So, what was there to do on this spectacular day?


Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z – You could watch every episode where someone is wished back to life, including that Indian … Native American … tribal kids dad in Dragon Ball.

ImageSailor Moon – The Sailor Senshi have died several times like… EVERY SEASON! In Sailor Moon R almost everyone was crucified!

Ninja Resurrection – This older anime movie is a bit too dark to really make a joke about. There are zombies and a woman gives birth to a full grown man who is the devil… Screw it. Just watch Sailor Moon!


ImageSailor Moon comes to mind again. How could it not, as the main character’s name, Usagi, means rabbit! Hell, her daughter, also named Usagi but nicknamed Chibi-Usa, even has hair that looks like bunny ears!

Urusei Yatsura: Inaba The Dreamer – Inaba is a human who lives amongst bunny people. He looses a key that leads back to…. okay. Urusei Yatsura is a weird anime. If you get a chance to watch any part of this pre-Ranma 1/2 Rumiko Takahashi creation, do yourself a favor and do watch it! This movie has all of the characters in bunny outfits at one point, but as you can see from the left… not all bunny outfits were created equally.

ImageDragon Ball – While everyone knows that Bulma wore a bunny girl outfit in Dragon Ball, some might forget that there was a character known as Boss Rabbit in the last episode she wore the outfit in. Boss Rabbit had the ability to touch people and turn them into carrots! Goku took care of this guy with his power pole, and ended up putting this guy where rabbits belong!


Ghost in The Shell – In both the movies as well as the TV show, people upgraded from their fleshy bodies into awesome robotic bodies.

ImageGalaxy Express 999 –  In both the movies as well as the TV show, people upgraded from their fleshy bodies into awesome robotic bodies. Wait? What? This show is completely different from Ghost in The Shell. Galaxy Express is about a boy who lost his mother, and wants to obtain a robot body in order to get revenge. He ends up meeting one of the most iconic women in the history of anime, and the two end up hopping on board the space train Galaxy Express 999, which is pronounced as ‘The Three Nine.’

If those suggestions weren’t enough to completely fill a worthless Sunday, than… The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past? Link turns into a bunny briefly… *nudge* *nudge*



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