Misfiled, or not read?

This blog posts automatically to my twitter account. My twitter account, of course, notifies me when people respond to a tweet. Since this site is tweeting for me, and I’ve been bad about going through my e-mail, I failed to see when Chris Hazelton of the Webcomic Misfile re-tweeted me or when Harriet Orchard the next day ‘wooted’ about the post. I really need to check things better, so I don’t feel like bastard. True, this article right here came out in November and the tweets were in March, but that does not excuse the neglect.

So, now to make up for my past sins, I will pimp out the information about their Kickstarter to get the next 7 volumes of the webcomic into print. Here’s the shortlink, spread it to the masses: http://kck.st/1nmvhYs


They have only made $22,903 of their $20,000 goal… wait. With exceeding their goal by almost $3,000… Misfile seems to not any help at all.


Well… hmm… There are those mysterious stretch goals. Who knows, maybe if Mr. Hazelton reaches $100,000 mark, we will get something really awesome… like live action comic pages, where Ash and friends are done by cosplayers in kigurumi? Nah, it’s probably just a livestream of a sexy coke part.


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