Sunday post is SO Sunday

On this waste of a day, one has to ask themselves how they will get by with both the mall and Gamestop closing way early. Well, my friends, I’m here to help you with suggestions in your time of need. Here are some things to help waste your time!

My Little Pony –

My Little Pony – Find a Way (Extended Version)

10 Hours Vinyl Scratch’s Theme Extended – My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic

MLP: Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition

Apparently the fan made fighter that was canceled due to a Hasbro C&D has actually been released? This isn’t an official release, so I’m assuming it’s just a bug fixed version of the build that was leaked a long while ago. What is interesting is that Mane 6 reminded the internet that they didn’t make it, as they complied with the C&D that Hasbro sent

Pokemon –

Twitch Plays Pokemon – Right now they are streaming Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue/Red Rescue Team and in 5 days they will stream Platinum.

Crackle –

Why not watch some Talladega Nights tonight? It’s one of Will Ferrell’s best movies! Lost in Translation then? It stars Bill Fu@#ing Murry. It’s kind of a sad tale about a celebrity in Japan and a woman he meets. Or hey, Life starring Eddie Murphey and Martin Lawrence! Crackle has a ton of free movies to help everyone out of this mediocrity, but knowing my readers they will probably just watch a ton of Seinfeld instead.

So… I think I came through this weekend. Sorry about earlier in the week missing the themed days like Useless Sunday, Mer-Monday, and What if? Wednesday! School is wrapping up, so maybe tomorrow I’ll have an amazing Mer-Monday post?


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