What if?! Amazing Spider-Man No More!

ImageAs much as I love Spider-Man, I want Amazing Spider-Man 2 to fail. I wanted it before I saw a certain review of it on escapist magazine, and I want it for several reasons, the largest is of course so the rights go back to Marvel, but more importantly, it’s because they seem unable to deliver the Spider-Man movies I want to see.

My dream Spider-Man Trilogy is as follows: Spider-Man 2099 narrates the first 10 or so minutes into the first movie, where Spider-Man is an already established superhero like he was in the 90’s cartoon. This quickly spoon feeds us his back story, and lets us know that Peter Parker is going to kick ass long after this movie, and inspire many heroes that hell… they can actually show who may never actually have a movie for. It talks about some item, but quickly moves onto the first film proper after Spider-Man has already defeated one or two minor super villains within the first 25 minutes. The main villain would most likely be a hunter type of character, such as Kraven, and be about well… hunting him.

ImagePeter has some problems, and by the end of the fight with Kraven, Peter now has 6 arms, but somehow Kraven is lead to believe that he has killed Spider-man. Peter ends up trying to cure himself with the help of Doctor Connors research, and goes on his merry way, not even thinking to get rid of his blood samples which Doctor Connors later finds. The cure takes forever to take affect, and Peter still needs to take shots because of it. Kraven discovers that Spider-Man is still alive, and tries to take him, but ultimately fails. End of movie.Credits role, only for the after credits to tease a Spider-Man 2099 crossover.

ImageSecond movie? Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man buddy pic. Miguel ends up having to fight Peter Parker eventually, who is a full fledged Man-Spider at that point. Eventually, Miguel O’Harra is ultimately ditched in the year 2099 after Spider-Man is cured with future technology, and Spider-man is sent back for a third act solo and saves the day from a great menace… let’s say The Spot? Yeah, a giant portal in all of New York kind of thing.Spider-Man 2099 is left open for his own movie, and Spider-Man has room for his third movie.

ImageThird movie: Spider-Man, the established hero, fights his greatest foe yet, Oscorp. Peter is married to MJ who is pregnant with his baby, but she hasn’t told Peter that yet. Peter ends up fighting clones of himself that were created by The Jackal, who is working at Oscorp. Remember that DNA from the 1st movie? Connors stored it because it was interesting, and The Jackal got a hold of it. There are two major clones: The Scarlet Spider and Spider-Woman (Clone of deceased Gwen Stacey with Spider-Man’s powers added). Scarlet Spider, dispatched easily in a smokestack, presumed dead. Spider-Woman and The Jackal flee, but something is wrong. Spider-woman starts convulsing and falls towards a rooftop, The Jackal falling out of her arms. He runs over to her, but she’s clearly dying. Spider-Man shows up, removes her mask, is shocked that it’s his dead girlfriend, and ultimately The Jackal escapes back to his master, Norman Osborn. Norman Osborn, pissed that The Jackal had lost, primarily because he didn’t create two strong clones, and he had cloned a woman he had once ‘known,’ murders him with a Pumpkin bomb to the face. The movie ends with Norman suiting up for battle as The Green Goblin, and smiling to the audience, as that’s what we wanted. Credits role. Mid credits, you see The Scarlet Spider moving around in the smoke stack.

ImageAfter credits, you get this happy scene with not Spider-Man, but a young May Parker, as an older Peter Parker watches her play basketball with his wife who is clearly pregnant again… cause that’s what MJ seems to do. As May Parker slam dunks the basketball, the glass shatters and everyone is shocked. Peter looks at his wife in horror, as Mary Jane says “She’s not a mm…… uh… you know, is she Tiger?” BLACK SCREEN.

My trilogy leaves room for at least 6 movies total. 3 Spider-Man movies, 1 Spider-Man 2099 movie, 1 Scarlet Spider movie, and maybe even 1 Spider-Girl movie. If none of these spin-off movies are big hits, no big deal! If Spider-Man 3 has less views, and no one is interested in The Scarlet Spider or Spider-Girl, then what’s been lost? It’s a third movie or an anthology if 2099 has a movie, and it’s safe to reboot. Marvel walks away happy as more people know of obscure characters and that equals toys and comics sold, while certain fans are happy because their favorite characters were represented.

Sony is currently planning two spin-offs: One about Venom, and the other about The Sinister Six. Maybe they have Spider-Man in them, maybe the don’t. It’s sad to bet against Spider-Man, but that’s my only option at this point.



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