Shark vs. Mermaid Death Squad

ImageHappy Mer-Monday everyone! To celebrate this day, why not play Shark vs Mermaid Death Squad, a Pac-Man clone that teaches you about the dangers of mermaids The Tuna industry? This flash game was made in 2013 by Greenpeace. You play as either a shark, a turtle, or a manta ray, and then you go around a Pac-man styled maze avoiding the bottom three characters who appear to be based on popular Tuna Fish logos… because you know… Pac-Man!

What strikes me odd, is that this game doesn’t have you play as a mermaid, or as a dolphin. You could make the argument that mermaids are just as likely to get caught up in a fisherman’s net as a shark is, and I know dolphins are a huge victim in the tuna fish industry… but oh well.

This is one of of those rare occasions where mermaids are depicted as the bad ‘guys.’ I personally welcome our finned female overlords!


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